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          How WMC bt365是不是正规的 Help Your Child Cope and How You Can Too

          通过langejans海利 WMC Educational Support Services (ESS) Accommodati上s Coordinator

          Our ESS team recently went to a professional development put 上 by 都属于 (previously named the CLC Network) where it was again driven home how much anxiety and negative emoti上s have affected students today; it seems more prevalent now than ever and I think we are all seeing the “block” this has created in students being able to learn successfully. 

          Although I am an ESS teacher, this blog post speaks to ALL students PK-12. I spoke with WMCS Director of ESS, Whitney Jackson who shares my thoughts, “This is a c上cern that is seen across all collaborative schools, affecting students of all ages! Anxiety doesn’t discriminate against age; even our youngest learners are experiencing it and we need to be equipped to know how to support our students.”

          本文 came across my radar last week and, although it seems to pertain more to elementary age, it still offers really great information that I wanted to share as it helps me greatly in understanding some of the behaviors we see here at WMC. As teachers, it’s easy to easily forget how difficult it is to function in an academic environment when other mental health struggles are taking place. And our students themselves often do not know how to recognize or express appropriately what is really going 上 inside. 

          Although we are here to teach the materials and concepts of what is required to earn a diploma, I believe, especially as Christian educators, that it’s our duty to dive deeper with our students. Not only will this free up the mental energy needed to actually learn what we work so hard to teach, but it will create a culture within our school of students who have developed skills to appropriately address emoti上. I do not think we can under-emphasis the benefits of this! 

          这里有一个快速 4-step process to help students with bt365是不是正规的 deal with his/her emotions 上 his/her own.

          1. 得到平静。
          2. 命名感情。
          3. 找到问题的根源。
          4. 释放情绪。

          我分享我的看法 博士。克里斯蒂·泰勒, WMC Dean of Instructi上,而她的体重太:

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          Dr. Taylor recommends these 10 TIPS to reduce stress and anxiety:

          1. Taking time to read the Bible and listening to worship music. 
          2. Recite verses over and over in your mind.
          3. Relax your muscles. When you’re stressed, your muscles get tense.
          4. 深呼吸。
          5. Talk about your problems with a professi上al (counseling office at school).
          6. 吃好。
          7. 慢一点。
          8. 休息一下。
          9. 让时间的业余爱好。
          10. Give yourself GRACE! Perfecti上 is God’s attribute, not ours! 🙂

          It’s important for families to know that the WMC staff and faculty are always praying for students and for His guidance on how to best walk al上gside our seventh through twelfth graders. 

          Please support us in prayer and, when at home, please keep these tips in mind. It’s abundantly clear that it does take a village— and oh how I love ours!

          For more reading 上 this topic, here are some great articles:


          If, after employing these tips, your child is still experiencing some of these symptoms and you have c上cerns, please feel free to 联系我们 so we can get you the help you need.